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How to Set the Best Shotgun Sensitivity in Free Fire

Free Fire Shotgun Sensitivity Settings. Hello gamers, who doesn't know the game Free Fire? A battle royal game that has now entered the ranks of the best-selling games in the world. This one game is the choice of battle royale game lovers because it runs smoothly when played on smartphones with medium specs.

In general, a game has a setting feature that aims to make it easier for the players, as well as the Free Fire game. In this game, there are several setting options that can be adjusted by the players, one of which is the shotgun sensitivity setting.

On this occasion we would like to give you some tips for FF Shotgun Sensitivity Settings. By applying these settings or settings, it will be easier for us to do a headshot. Are you curious about how? check this out !!!

How to Set the Best Shotgun Sensitivity in Free Fire

Best Free Fire Settings

The main objective of playing Free Fie is to get Booyah. There are many methods that can be tried to smooth the way to reach Booyah, one of which is by applying several sensitivity settings. For more details, here is the discussion.

General Sensitivity Settings in Free Fire

To increase your comfort in playing Fre Fire, you can apply universal settings to this game. You can customize or move the location and appearance of the controller to your liking, making it easier for you to get Booyah.

By making the right settings, you will get better effectiveness when playing. Well, the setting method is also quite easy, you can quickly make these settings.

The initial setting is to adjust the visual sensitivity or viewing distance. You can set this vision sensitivity in a position of 30 to 40 points. With this number range it will not make the screen shift very fast, so it will be easier for you to aim at the enemy.

Meanwhile, for the red dot setting, you can set the number 60 to 80, with this setting you will be more fit to target enemies without scope. Then for 2x Scope set between 40 to 60, and for 4x Scope setting in the numbers 30 to 40, this plays a role in minimizing long-range shots missed.

FF Custom HUD Settings

Custum HUD is a setting that makes it easier for you to control the location and transparency of the buttons used in the game. This setting may still not be familiar to new players, but you must master the functions of this custom HUD setting.

Do this arrangement in such a way that it really suits you. As a reference, you can move parts of the team name, bomb, backpack, and medkit to the part that is suitable and comfortable for you.

All settings are sequential and interrelated according to the type and use. For example, put the blood close to the medkit, also put the weapon and backpack at the base to make it easier when looting. Not only that, you also have to shrink the dimensions of buttons that are not used often or turn off these features so that your view can be more focused.

Best Shotgun Sensitivity Settings

The shotgun is one of the favorite weapons in the Free Fire game, of course this is because the damage this weapon has is so great. With large damage / over power, the enemy will die easily when hit by a shot.

With great and strong damage, shotguns can be an option to be used as a weapon. But to increase the effectiveness of this weapon you need to first set it in the settings menu.

There are actually many types of sensitivity settings that can be applied to using a shotgun, but here are our best shotgun sensitivity settings:

  • See Around: 75
  • Red Dot Sight: 50
  • 2x Scope: 50
  • 4x Scope: 50
  • AWM Scope: 45

By applying the settings above, you can make the shotgun movement you use more balanced, the movement is not very fast or very slow.

But there is one thing that you must know and must note that the shotgun is a weapon that is only efficient for use in close combat. So no matter how good the settings you apply, everything will be in vain if you use this weapon in long-range combat.

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